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What does “Patent Pending” mean?

When a patent application has been submitted to the USPTO, a patent application serial number is issued and the patent application has a “Patent Pending” status. The term “Patent Pending” is used by a seller or a manufacturer to put the public on notice that the product has a patent application on file with the USPTO.

The term ”Patent Pending” is utilized to market your product and enables the following results:

  • A patent prevents others from making, using, or selling your invention.
  • Achieve the notoriety of being an inventor of a “Patent Pending” product.
  • Mark your invention with “Patent Pending” to notify the public of the pending status of your patent application.
  • A patented product reinforces the public opinion that your company is reputable.
  • Earns governmental validation of the novelty of your product.
  • Customers will choose to buy your product over your competitors.

When you are deciding on a Patent Law Firm or a Patent Agency, such as InventHelp, to represent your valuable Intellectual Property, make sure you choose a firm having strengths in all technical disciplines. Also, make sure your legal representative has strengths in drafting a formal patent application encompassing, not only the embodiments of your invention, but elements in which competitors could anticipate. This strategy prevents competing individuals or companies from being able to replicate your patented invention, resulting in these competitors having to license your technology.

Many patents are challenged in a court of law and also at the USPTO. Many Patent Attorneys and Registered Patent Agents lack skill with drafting enforceable patent applications that will endure detailed examination of the content and the defining of terms in the patent application as a whole during the course of a proceeding. InventHelp is skilled company in drafting patent applications that are focused to withstand litigation and patent proceedings.

Their patent services extend to patentability searches, preparing patent applications, patent prosecution, office action responses, executing assignments, drafting patent drawings, claims drafting, patent infringement analysis, and prototype development which are among the various acts requiring the knowledge of patent laws and rules along with the USPTO practices and procedures.

Get the professional representation your invention deserves with the full range of patent services. Schedule an appointment with Registered Patent Agent, today and protect your intellectual property.

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