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    Passionate Patent Lawyer

    As you know, being a true innovator in your industry is the most important part of standing head and shoulders above your competition. However, you may also realize that the more value your ideas and innovations have, the more vulnerable they become to intellectual bandits seeking to profit from your hard work.

    Therefore, when it comes to protecting your ideas, you need the best Patent Lawyer has to offer. This means someone who has the passion, the talent, the experience and the devotion to defend what is rightfully yours from those who would seek to make it their own.

    However, when it comes to finding a seasoned Patent Lawyer or a patent agency, such as InventHelp, internet is full of them and you need to know how to narrow it down to the best one for your company needs. Here are a few things which you can look for which will ensure that you get one the best Patent Lawyer can offer you.

    No matter how much talent or experience a professional has, true passion is not something which can be imitated. There is much that can be said about an attorney who has the drive and the devotion to fight your battles as if those battles were their own. In order to connect with the best Patent Lawyer can offer you, true conviction and dedication to their craft is of untold importance.

    This will be apparent in their approach to examining your case or in their proactive endeavor to guard your ideas from “patent pirates”. It will be apparent in their willingness and ability to educate you and to make sure that you are well informed as to what steps are needed to protect your bottom line. It will be apparent in their sense of devotion to building a connection with you as their customer and making sure that you understand each aspect of protecting your intellectual property.

    When it comes to finding a great Patent Lawyer, probably has many who have experience and expertise but they may not be well prepared for protecting your ideas in the global marketplace. Your best bet is to find the Patent Lawyer who has this kind of expertise and who can put it to work for you.

    No matter where in the world you are doing business, you need to be able to protect your intellectual property from those who would seek to profit from it. Intellectual property thieves can be anywhere in the world, and they may be in places where the laws are not the same as where you are as was explained in https://blogs.ubc.ca/inventhelpreviews/ article. This means that finding the best Patent Lawyer has to offer requires someone with a global awareness of patent laws.

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    How Hiring a Registered Patent Law Attorney Can Benefit You

    You may have struck a new innovation no one else has conceived of before with your invention It’s essential to follow through with protecting and bringing your idea to completion The legal features involved in publishing your work can be complicated and time consuming. A patent attorney may be able to save time determining if there is already an existing patent for a similar innovation. And if there isn’t, they can help you take the following step in patenting and shielding your work.

    Three patent types are offered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office : utility patents, plant patents, and design patents. Patents largely take up to three years to process. If accepted, they are generally valid for 20 years for plant and utility patents, and 14 years for design patents, as was described in this article on https://newswatchtv.com/2019/02/11/getting-help-invention-inventhelp/.

    Utility patents address machines or other functional objects and processes. Utility patents are very common, and are the patent most people apply for when patenting innovations. Design patents concern aesthetic designs. Plant patents apply to newly discovered plant varieties able to be reproducible sexually or asexually.

    Considering the legal procedure in respect to patents is elaborate, patent attorneys could best explain how best to file a patent for your new innovation.

    The complicated procedure of filing for a patent can take up to three years. Let patent attorneys worry about the more difficult features of intellectual property law and save your energy and time. A patent attorney could assist in determining whether or not your new innovation might infringe on another patent. Patent attorneys or patent agencies, such as InventHelp, could counsel you on filing for a patent and potentially diminish the odds for rejection by examiners. Spare yourself from time wasted caught up with the minutia of self-preparing your application and speak with patent attorneys.

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    Patent Attorneys: What They Do

    Patent attorneys and agents act as legal counselors of companies. When an inventor submits his invention, the patent attorney gets to start his work. The patent attorney or the patent agency, such as InventHelp, reviews the invention and decides whether it is fit to be patented or not. It is his responsibility to evaluate if the invention is useful, unique, and relevant. Then based on his evaluation, he recommends to the client whether or not to submit a patent application for the invention. While evaluating the invention, the patent attorney needs to thoroughly investigate the technicality involved as well as previous similar patents, examine references and make a comparative analysis to discover any obvious differences.

    The patent attorney gets to decide if it is suitable to apply for a patent or not based on his findings. So it is only when he has mounted a solid basis to support patent application will he file for patent at the USPTO. The application must include documents detailing the invention precisely, its usefulness together with the diagrams and illustrations, and definition of the rightful claims to the patent rights that may be awarded to the inventor. Once this application has been submitted, it is now in the hands of a patent examiner. The patent attorney keeps in contact with the examiner to discuss issues related to patent rights and claims and to negotiate for the best interest of his client.

    In case where the examiner denies patent issuance based on his findings that a patent is not fit to be awarded for the invention, then the patent attorney will assist the applicant to appeal to the USPTO’s Board of Appeals. If the board also rejects the appeal, then the applicant may present his appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

    If the patent applicant wishes to file patent applications in other countries, the patent attorney will be assisting him too. This process widens the coverage of patent protection and will enable the applicant to market his invention in several countries or even worldwide. It is usually foreign agencies who handle the process that foreign patent applications entail. It is imperative then for patent attorneys to be experts in international law as it applies to patents and inventions worldwide.

    When the patent is approved and issued, the patent attorney takes care of the licensing issues regarding the patent. Then it is his duty to draft and discuss agreements that allow others to use or market the invention upon payment of a reasonable amount to the patent holder as you can see from this https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/thoughtster/the-greatest-invention-ideas-that-shaped-the-world/ article.

    The job of patent attorneys does not only entail patent receiving and licensing, but also giving legal advice to clients, representing their clients with regard to trade secret law, trademark law, and copyright law. They may further seek permission for their clients that enable them to employ intellectual property that is governed by others.

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    Patent Attorneys with High Functional Legal Aspects of Business

    Patent owners under US Law have different defense mechanism and remedies. Patent is an intellectual property that excludes others from using and claiming the invention with out the permission of the Patent proprietor. Generally when a defendant has used, made, sold, attempted to sell or imported the invention, then it is called infringement. Under US Law system the patent owner has rights to claim the reasonable royalty or damaged profits resulted from this infringement. But before the patent is issued markedly one can not claim for infringement action. In such cases under 35 U.S.C pre-grant protections is available where the patent owner can obtain provisional damages. This right needs few competent evidences as follows:

    • Whether the infringing activities was done after the publication of patent application
    • Patented claims has to be similar with claims in the published application
    • Infringer had prior notice of the published patent application

    If you are a patent owner and want to be aware of the rules, regulations and safety measures it is vital to know the types of infringement, then defense strategy and remedies of those, as described in https://activerain.com/blogsview/5327718/get-help-to-achieve-commercial-success-with-inventhelp. The principle role of patent attorneys is preparation and filing a patent application. It includes several steps as follows:

    They need to understand your invention, any notes or description that you provide to him. It may require your drawings or sketches or a prototype also. Once the attorney will get an idea on what your exhibition is all about he may ask you some questions like:

    • What is the new or inventive in your idea as a patent owner?
    • How your invention differs from existing idea?
    • How advantageous it is?
    • What are the problems need immediate attention?
    • How do you aim to exploit the invention?
    • Do you anticipate that patent protection will help you in your business?

    Patenting Process:

    Then the patent attorney will consider the viability of the invention. Depending on your experience and prior art, he can recommend you carrying out novelty searches if any one has already done it earlier. This is required to determine whether patent protection is worthwhile for you and which type of protection narrower or broader one suits you. Once all these factors are considered, patent attorney will express it in writing in the form of a “claim” that will define essential features of the invention and how they interrelate. Simultaneously it is necessary to find out the possibility of defining the invention in broader term so that it encloses as many possible ways of implementing the invention. You could hire a professional patenting agency, such as InventHelp, to help you out in this step.

    To cover the further features a series of subsidiary claims have to be drafted with both technical and legal aspects. The description part of the invention should provide enough information to the reader so as to enable it in practice. After filing the main claim there can be additional support required for amending or limiting the claim caused from further finding of unpatentable art. In such cases due care need to be taken to ensure that amendments and adjustments have been done with out any shortfall of prohibition caused by any new information addition. That is the reason drafting patent specification may take several hours also. It may take 6-8 hours long time to make it. For complex cases time may exceed for these stages. This all together requires wide knowledge on patent law and practice, ability to understand and explain the technology and put together all these skills to draft it in writing which is going to be scrutinized by the court and other patent attorneys. Thus patent attorney have very high regard and values.

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    Quality Patent Services to Satisfy Clients’ Intellectual Property Needs

    Applying for a patent in order to obtain the right on an invention is the only way you can legally acquire ownership of an important process or product. Patent lawyers who are the go-to experts in the field have therefore specialized in the application and filing patents. As a client you are allowed to buy, sell or own something through the professional help and advice of patent lawyers, without them you are divested of any claim on an invention and its surrounding areas.

    It is no joke, you can be granted any deed or right to an invention, just by consulting patent lawyers your worries are no longer your greatest source of fear. Seek a reliable patent agency, such as InventHelp, before doing any legal action or signing anything in black and white, for sure your patent agent has the best advice to give and therefore leave you in peace. Claiming legal rights for an intellectual property like a patent is a serious matter that needs professional assistance.

    Basically a patent agent helps you search and apply for a patent, and he or she is willing to take the extra mile to provide the best solution for your needs. Now filing or applying for a patent can be done online; the use of a specialized database and software will give you enough information regarding everything about patent, including the necessary services and payment of fees. In order for a idea to be patentable, your patent agent will expose you to different conditions an invention needs to fulfill. Of course you as a client seek excellent approaches to patent and its services like free consultation, patent application, preparation, searches and filing.

    Patent lawyers, agents and research experts provide essential databases and patent solutions for a number of clients, for law firms, for developers, researchers, patent analysts, among others. You can also avail the additional patent services commonly available for use, among these include certification, assignment recordation, keeping track of the status of public records and other superior intellectual property assistance. In such innovative and legal way, your application for a patent will be successful because of the help of experienced patent lawyers and agents, such as InventHelp, and their quality services.

    Now handling patent issues regarding copyright, patent preparation, patent trademark and among many others will no longer be complicated and stressful. Just contact your patent lawyer and you will get the satisfaction to satisfy your intellectual property needs. Maximize your business goals by relying on patent experts using cutting edge technology to meet patent objectives. Intelligent and experience matter, so have a wise choice and set your objectives in line with innovation and success.

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    More on Patent trademark attorney

    There are however three different types of intellectual property — copyrights, patents, and trademarks. Although they are however similar in some ways, in that they protect an artist or creator’s rights, but the scope of that protection varies considerably! There are practically varied type of intellectual property rights, based on the nature of your innovation however if your innovation is a product that has a unique design then it falls under the category of ‘patents’.

    Let’s take an overview at each type of intellectual property protection.

    Copyrights – they protect original works of authorship and the usual examples of such are however books, movies, and photographs, along with architectural works or vessel hull designs.

    Patents – This has been designed to protect processes, inventions, and certain types of scientific discoveries.

    Trademarks – Two common ways to designate a trademark are the (R) and the TM signs — but be careful which you use! That’s right your product should be patented and that’s the first and foremost aspect of the concept of protecting intellectual property from offenders and copy cats.

    Products with unique design therefore should be patented however it is tough to walk alone through the meandering alleys and thus it is advised that you hire the services of a serious patenting agency like InventHelp, or a Patent trademark attorney to deal with all intricate legal matters regarding patent and IP law.

    Of course there are ways to stop patent infringement and only the best patent lawyer can help you in saving your time and effort by fighting your legal battles on behalf of you! The legal expert would be able to help you with the initial filing, and will also do a preliminary research in order to ensure that no patent has been filed already for your idea. Patent trademark attorney would be able to help you with the tedious paperwork for obtaining a patent.

    Keep in mind, the best thing about hiring a specialized agency, such as InventHelp, is that while he deals with all those boring paperwork, you would be free to work on your prototype. IP protection is of utmost importance and only an experienced lawyer knows how to protect it better.

    A good lawyer will walk all those miles for you in order to create that ultimate water tight case for your idea and to offer you the ultimate IP protection to prevent patent infringement.

    Nowadays online help is also available and you can seek online help from Patent trademark attorney.

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    3 Criteria To Ensure Your Patent Is Accepted

    Do you have an invention or idea that you want to patent? There are three major factors in patenting success. Most people think that all they have to do is come up with a good idea for a product and they can instantly get a patent.

    Unfortunately it is not that easy. Getting a patent requires hard work and meeting three specific objectives that you should make sure you have before you even start. Those three things are usefulness, novelty, and non-obviousness and you can read about them on https://wp.nyu.edu/dispatch/2018/11/12/inventhelp-the-vibrant-business-of-inventing/ in details.


    Usefulness is probably the easiest of the three factors to prove. It obviously means that the invention must be useful to someone. That mean simply useful to the inventor seek a patent. Usefulness includes that fact that the invention actually operates that way it was intended to. You cannot patent an idea for a product or invention. You may only patent the actual working invention.


    Novelty means a product or process for doing something, a design that has never before existed in all of human kind. No one has ever heard of or seen anything like this before.

    If the invention has ever been publicly talked about or a report published about it before the applicant for a patent applied for a patent, it will be declined. If you have an invention it is best not to talk about it until you file for a patent.

    If you have publically talked about the invention or have publically sold the product in the U.S. you must file a patent application within one year of these events or you forfeit your right for a patent.

    To have patenting success your invention must be truly unique. Make sure that there are not any similar products on the market. Differentiate your product from any similar product in a significant way. If you do not, you may not meet the novelty requirement.


    This means that the invention is so unique that an expert in the field would not have normally thought of it. For example, a software designer may add a small feature to an already existing design and try to patent it. This is not non-obviousness. You can just alter a few things and call it a new invention. If you develop a new piece of software and another expert in the field says “Wow! I wish I had thought of that” you have non-obviousness.

    In conclusion…

    If you have an invention that meets the three factors discussed above you have a fairly good chance of getting a patent. Keep in mind though, that you truly have to prove these things to some pretty tough judges. The U.S. patent office (commonly known as the US PTO) has some stringent guidelines you must meet and it is very well explained here – http://baltimorepostexaminer.com/inventhelp-can-help-make-young-inventors-dreams-into-reality/2018/07/20.

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    How to Protect an Invention or Copyrighted Work from Theft

    Being the first to invent a marketable idea or product has many rewards. Licensing an invention to business entities or individuals expands opportunities for increasing wealth. At the same time, a person’s invention could be in jeopardy as details are revealed. Considerations for how to copyright certain works of authorship is also important to expanding opportunities.

    While most are happy to partner honestly with an inventor, some might want to copy or steal the idea. It is important to protect an invention before sharing it with others as was discussed in the article on https://sites.duke.edu/perspective/2018/11/12/bringing-ideas-to-the-world-with-inventhelp/.

    First Steps of Patent Protection

    There are several initial steps to take to protect an invention. Knowing how to copyright the idea or product can guarantee legal protection. Other things to consider:

    • File for a provisional patent
    • Consider copyright protection
    • Prepare a Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) for potential customers to sign if the invention is not patentable
    • Use caution when disclosing details if customers refuse to sign a NDA and the invention is not patentable

    Secure a Patent

    A person can file for a provisional patent on an invention that meets certain criteria. Essentially, the invention qualifies for a patent if it is a new process or machinery. The invention could also be an improvement to an existing process or machine.

    A patent establishes individual rights to the creation of the invention. Achieving a patent pending status for the invention often deters theft and also provides protects.

    The provisional patent is filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) or by visiting the website for instructions.

    Copyright Patent Protection

    Some people confuse patent and copyright. While there are some legal similarities, a few things distinguish the two. A patent protects ideas, inventions and discoveries. A copyright protects original written works. Nevertheless, either a patent or copyright can provide the legal protection needed for an invention.

    Knowing how to copyright original works, whether it is a song, music or software can prevent others from reaping the benefits of another’s hard work. Similar to a patent, a person should register with the U.S. Copyright Office for public record of ownership as described in this article from https://www.tmcnet.com/topics/articles/2018/06/13/438460-how-inventhelp-change-business-destiny.htm.

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    Professional and Reliable Freight Shipping Companies in China

    Many professional and reliable Freight Shipping Companies in China offer the perfect balance of top quality shipping, on time delivery across the ocean and air, so it is not difficult to find cost-effective services.

    The China, being at located almost in the middle of all major continents deals with numerous shipping consignments at the airport and shipping port on a daily basis. The reason being that, the China has become one of the most rapidly developing locations in the world both in terms of business and tourism and people from across the globe are shifting temporarily or permanently to China for business and leisure purposes.

    Every shipment that is sent needs to be prepared carefully and entrusted to an experienced shipper so it can arrive safely on its destination. The stakes are very high when it comes to shipping cargo since you want to make sure that the goods arrives safely and with no problem during the trip.

    The key to successfully shipping goods from China to US is to do your research, prepare properly for the shipment and find the right shipping company that you can trust with the precious cargo you are sending. You must be notified about the transport price of the goods, because shipping from China to US cost is very important thing to fit in with your budget. In order to make sure that your shipment goes well, do some research online and choose the company that suits your needs.

  • PCB manufacturers offer many advantages to the industry

    PCB manufacturers offer many advantages to the industry

    PCB boards are important in industry and has significant place in the market. Printed Circuit Boards requires highly skilled knowledge base and awareness of latest technologies as well. PCB is an essential device used in almost every industry irrespective of capital, size or strength.

    In a very shortest time frame, PCBs or printed circuit boards have turned as the most sophisticated tools used in the electrical equipment domain. In such the competitive market place, importance and gravity of the printed circuit boards can’t be ignored.

    PCB manufacturers offer many advantages to the industry

    A single fault in PCB boards may lead to the big damage and major loss to the industry. You may get a number of instances of the PCBs across you. The perfect instance of PCB is motherboard, controller board and different kind of interface cards. These PCBs have crafted a very special offer in the market and its growing demands are now being fulfilled by numerous PCB manufacturers in USA.

    There are three primary elements of a Printed circuit board namely a laminate board, components mounted on the board and the traces that serve as the wires. The use of actual components in the circuit board is entirely depends upon the purpose and intention of the circuit. Elements used in the PCBs play significant role in finding the Production costs, working efficiency and operating cost of the PCB circuit.