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Non-Surgical Face-Lifting Techniques

More and more people decide not to go through the knife when it comes to performing a face lift. The wide variety of medical spa treatments available on the market today means that you can enjoy a facial rejuvenation at lunchtime that is not only fast, but also relatively simple and has virtually no recovery period. So if you want a fast non-surgical fit, filling and even a little wrinkle relaxation, without opting for a heavy hospital stay, read on …

Facial acupuncture

It is believed that inserting needles in specific points of your face can stimulate the production of collagen, which occurs naturally in our body and makes us look younger. But is facial acupuncture really an ancient Chinese secret, or simply a modern western scam?

Oxygen Facial

If you want to pay a lot of money to spray your face with air, try a facial with oxygen. Actually, it’s not just the Big O that will hit you: the oxygen “atomizer” also contains a mixture of collagen, vitamins and minerals that are designed to soften wrinkles and fill your face. Breath of fresh air or just hot air? It’s up to you.

Radiofrequency facial treatment

The idea is simple: special radio waves heat the collagen under the skin of your face, causing it to contract. When finished, your face should appear smoother and tighter. It is also reported to help reduce the effects of minor acne, rosacea and uneven pigmentation.

Adjusting the skin with laser

An infrared light heats the collagen under the skin on your face, causing it to tighten. This is achieved by releasing rapid pulses of light, which can be a bit uncomfortable. Most patients say that it feels like having an elastic band that repeatedly hits your skin (sounds fun, does not it?). The effects are considerably less dramatic than with laser skin resurfacing, but it is also less risky.


Small crystals of aluminum oxide are sprayed on your face with a device similar to a sandblasting. The crystals are abrasive and their objective is to detach the top layer of the skin, leaving a new layer as soft as the bottom of a baby. These days, you can even perform the miracle at home, thanks to the special do-it-yourself anti aging devices. Also known as the Parisian peel, it is widely considered to be softer than a chemical peel (see below).

Looking younger has never been easier. But while there are many medical spas these days, it is always a good idea to visit a reputable spa and shop around before taking the plunge. You may also want your treatment to be carried out by a doctor rather than a technician to reduce the risk of something going wrong. Investigate carefully and do not opt ??for the latest fad unless you have well-documented medical evidence to back it up. Remember, you get what you pay for!

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